New distribution format for ICM Newsletter

The message from Wendy Wintersteen and Gerald Miller can be viewed in its original form here (PDF). The text of the message follows:

Dear ICM Newsletter Subscriber:

The print version of the Integrated Crop Management (ICM) Newsletter will be discontinued at the close of the 2007 calendar year. A new distribution format of the ICM Newsletter is planned for 2008. Discontinuation of the printed version was a difficult decision. However, in recent years, we have experienced a steady decrease in the number of subscribers for the print version and a steady increase in printing, design, handling and shipping costs. During the newsletter’s 19-year run, ISU was the first land-grant university to publish a full color crops newsletter and deliver it to subscribers that same week. This task was accomplished through the diligence of tight scheduling and strict deadlines, under the leadership of Dr. Marlin Rice, ISU Extension entomologist and the executive editor of this newsletter.

In March 2008, a new web-based newsletter and resource database will be introduced at no charge to Iowa agribusinesses and producers. Subscribers will be asked to register electronically to receive access and will, in turn, receive notification via e-mail when scheduled newsletter updates are posted as well as notification of real time crop advisories. Publishing electronically will allow us to offer you greater access to ISU information and resources, enhance timeliness of information you need for planning purposes, and ensure a rapid response when crises do arise. If you would like to register now for the new web-based newsletter, you may do so by registering on the current ICM Newsletter web site.

Thank you for your past subscriptions to the ICM Newsletter. We look forward to receiving your registration for the web-based newsletter.

This article originally appeared on page 282 of the IC-498(26) -- December 10, 2007 issue.

Updated 12/13/2007 - 11:41am