New information at Agronomy Extension Corn Production Web site

As the growing season approaches, remember to find the corn management information you need at the recently released Extension Corn Production Web site. The link to this Web site can be found in the left sidebar of the Agronomy Extension homepage. You also can access it directly at

Corn management articles contained in this ICM issue can be found at the Web site along with numerous other articles. Much of the existing information on the site has been updated this past month to reflect current recommendations and observations. So even if you read an article two months ago on the Web site, you should check again to see if it has been changed. Our goal is to continue to update recommendations as new research and information become available. This allows you to be sure that every time you visit the site you are finding the most current written information available.

Our contact information is located on the Web site. We look forward to hearing from you concerning your ideas and questions.

This article originally appeared on page 21 of the IC-498 (1) -- February 12, 2007 issue.

Updated 02/13/2007 - 12:37pm