IC-494(24) -- October 10, 2005

Plant Diseases

Fall is prime time to sample fields for SCN

Find out how in this article by Greg Tylka.

Why conservation systems are the right choice this fall

Mahdi Al-Kaisi and Mark Hanna present options.

Ag energy: Risk management, energy, and grain issues

Harvest updates from three professors of economics.

2005 Iowa Crop Performance Tests

Data now available online.
Insects and Mites

Insecticide use for soybean aphid control up again in 2005

Includes estimates of acreage treated.

High nitrogen fertilizer prices -- again

Includes graphs showing maximum economic return.
Plant Diseases

Tillage considerations for disease management

Should you use tillage to manage corn and soybean diseases?

The Illinois Soil Nitrogen Test: Should it be used in Iowa?

John Sawyer and Ali Tabatabai explore this question.

2005 Ag Chemical Dealer Updates

Stay up-to-date on the latest developments.
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