IC-496 (4) -- March 13, 2006

Insects and Mites

The variant western corn rootworm in Iowa

The beetle is changing its behavior.
Weed Management

Scout now for winter annuals in no-till fields

What's the density of winter annual weeds in your fields?
Insects and Mites

Did northern corn rootworms lay eggs in soybeans?

It's more complicated than it seems.
Plant Diseases

Spring soil sampling for SCN: It's not too late

Soybean cyst nematodes can reduce yield by over 50 percent.
Crop Production

Choosing corn hybrids

Hybrid choice can make a big difference in yield.
Crop Production

Has the best time to plant corn changed?

Research results show the best planting window.
Crop Production

Do polymer coatings help with early corn plantings?

Sometimes plant population and yield don't line up.
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