IC-496 (5) -- April 3, 2006

Crop Production

Roundup(R)-tolerant alfalfa likely to be used in Iowa this year

USDA-APHIS and EPA have granted approval.
Weed Management

Now's the time to control biennial weeds

Includes herbicide table.
Crop Production

Soybean planting date

Is there a yield benefit to planting early?
Crop Production

Evaluating the spring alfalfa stand

Winter injury may affect alfalfa.
Insects and Mites

Winter temperatures and soybean aphid survival

Can aphids survive Iowa winters?
Crop Production

Iowa Noxious Weed Seed Free Forage and Mulch Program announced

Certify that hay and mulch are weed-free.
Crop Production

Soybean seed quality in 2006

Last year's drought may affect seeds.
Plant Diseases

Early season disease management in soybeans

Warm, wet soil favors damping off and seed rot.
Crop Production

Is tillage needed for your soybean crop?

Research results are presented.

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