IC-496(24) -- September 18, 2006

Crop Production

Harvesting lodged corn

Tips for reducing missed ears.
Plant Diseases

Soybean cyst nematode may cause soybeans to mature early

Symtoms not obvious until populations are high.
Plant Diseases

Two nematode soil sample analysis options

Learn about how soybean cyst nematode numbers are found.

Cornstalk nitrate interpretation

Figuring out what your test results mean.
Plant Diseases

Sudden death syndrome prevalent this summer

Widespread in eastern and central Iowa.
Plant Diseases

A step toward control of bean pod mottle virus: Identifying field tolerance

High bean leaf beetle populations transmit viruses.
Plant Diseases

Sentinel plots at end of the 2006 season

Looking back on the search for Asian soybean rust.

Halverson receives I-CASH Hall of Fame Award

Iowa's Center for Agricultural Safety and Health recognize occupational health nurse.
Degree Days

A roller coaster season

Seasonal summary.
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