IC-498 (8) -- April 30, 2007

Crop Production

Soybean plant mortality may be greater this year

Effects of the recent heavy rains.
Crop Production

Advice to growers of Agrisure™ Rootworm Trait (MIR 604) hybrids and their neighbors

Be a good neighbor. Let your neighbor know if you plant Agrisure™ Rootworm Trait (MIR 604) hybrids.
Insects and Mites

Bean leaf beetles: Predicted winter mortality

Includes map of mortality for different Iowa regions.
Crop Production

Hybrids adjust to delayed planting dates

Should shorter season hybrids be used?
Crop Production

Corn survival in flooded or saturated fields

What happens when corn gets too wet?

Directory for crop production and protection support

Quick contacts for your crop production support needs.

Nominations sought for 2007 I-CASH Hall of Fame Award

Know someone making contributions to the health and safety of agriculture?
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