IC-498(16) -- June 25, 2007

Plant Diseases

Spring sampling not recommended for most corn nematodes

Needle nematodes are the exception.
Plant Diseases

SCN females on roots signal infestations and possibly ineffectiveness of resistance

Look for nematode females on roots of SCN-resistant soybeans.
Plant Diseases

Another fungicide approved for soybean rust in Iowa

Includes label status of fungicides for soybean rust in Iowa.
Plant Diseases

Iowa State plant pathologists detect crop diseases from satellites

Remote sensing can identify diseases down to one square meter.

Extension field agronomist appointed in central Iowa

Aaron Saeugling is new extension field agronomist.
Plant Diseases

Fungicide applications in corn may be increasing

Corn-on-corn carries an increased disease risk.
Degree Days

Warm temperatures = rapid growth

Degree day information for Iowa.
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