Manure Management Clinic offered for livestock and crop professionals

The Iowa Manure Management Action Group (IMMAG), in cooperation with Iowa State University Extension and the College of Agriculture, is sponsoring a two-day Manure Management Clinic on August 23-24, 2005, at the Field Extension Education Laboratory (FEEL) near Ames.

The purpose of this short course is to train service providers, commodity partners, agency personnel, and extension field staff to prepare livestock and crop producers for future nutrient management planning needs in Iowa. Service providers will find this clinic to be very helpful as they continue to take on more responsibilities for working with crop and livestock producers in manure management planning for both state and federal programs.

This short course will include a combination of classroom and field activities and will focus on manure management planning efforts to meet state and federal requirements. Participants will learn about the United States Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation Service requirements for nutrient management plans and comprehensive nutrient management plans, soil sampling requirements for manure management plans, and addressing land needs when application rates are limited. Participants also will learn about manure application effects on tile drainage, economics of manure, air quality best management practices, and emergency mortality composting.

Field activities will include a hands-on evaluation of manure application practices to alfalfa, equipment calibration, and residue management.

Registration is limited to the first 70 people to enroll. Online registration, brochure, and a complete short course agenda including directions to the FEEL facility can be found at Application has been made for Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) credits in nutrient management and soil and water management.

Kapil Arora at the 2004 Manure Management Clinic
Kapil Arora, extension agricultural engineer, discusses equipment calibration at the 2004 Manure Management Clinic. (Brent Pringnitz)
Field demonstration at the 2004 Manure Management Clinic
Field demonstration of application equipment at the 2004 clinic. (Brent Pringnitz)
In-field calibration exercises at the 2004 Manure Management Clinic
In-field calibration exercises and equipment demonstration at the 2004 clinic. (Brent Pringnitz)

This article originally appeared on page 5 of the IC-494(17) -- July 5, 2005 issue.

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