Integrated Crop Management

North central white mold Web site

In the past 4 years, soybean pathologists in the north central region have been working on a coordinated project to find solutions of controlling soybean white mold. A new white mold Web site has been developed from this program for the North Central Soybean Research Program, a check-off dollar program. The site is hosted at University of Wisconsin at

This site also links to white mold Web sites developed by pathologists in other states so that state specific information can be obtained. Although the long-term weather outlook is not favorable to the occurrence of white mold this summer, you may still be interested in checking this Web site because it has long-term disease management information, such as the effects of tillage and rotation on white mold occurrence.

This article originally appeared on page 26 of the IC-484 (3) -- March 20, 2000 issue.

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