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Nearly 400 SCN-resistant soybean varieties available to Iowa growers

The soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is a widespread and very serious pest of soybean throughout Iowa and most of the Midwest. A primary strategy for managing the nematode is through the use of SCN-resistant soybean varieties.

Iowa State University Extension recently compiled and published a list of public and private SCN-resistant soybean varieties in maturity groups I, II, and III. There are nearly 400 SCN-resistant varieties from 48 seed companies and five universities listed in the publication, titled Soybean cyst nematode-resistant soybean varieties for Iowa [1]. All but seven of the varieties listed contain SCN resistance derived from the breeding line PI 88788. Of the varieties listed, 286 are resistant to the herbicide Roundup, six are tolerant to sulfonylurea herbicides, and the remainder are conventional, nonherbicide-resistant varieties.

Soybean check-off funds provided by the Iowa Soybean Promotion Board supported the cost of printing of the publication, and the publication was distributed as an insert in the November issue of the Iowa Soybean Review magazine. Additional single copies of the list, ISU Extension publication PM 1649, can be obtained from the Iowa State University Extension Distribution Center by calling 515-294-5247. Alternatively, the publication can be viewed on the Web at

This article originally appeared on page 200 of the IC-486(24) -- November 19, 2001 issue.

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