Integrated Crop Management

Field Records Pocket Guide now available

A revised version of Iowa State University Extension publication ICM 1, Field Records for Integrated Crop Management, Restricted-use Pesticide Applications, and Manure Applications, has just been released. The pocket-sized booklet provides producers with reference material and serves as a place to record field activities, such as planting date, herbicide and pesticide applications, and manure applications. Private pesticide applicators that need to record restricted-use pesticide applications on a field-by-field basis can use this booklet to keep their records. This pesticide information must be maintained for 2 years following the application.

Producers who are required to keep manure application records as part of their manure management plans must record the method of application, dates when the manure was applied or sold, location of the field, number of acres on which the manure was applied, and the manure application rate. These records must be kept for 3 years or the length of the crop rotation, if greater.

In addition to tables provided for keeping manure application records, ICM 1 contains a table of manure nutrient values that can be used when developing a manure management plan. The booklet also contains phone numbers for regional Department of Natural Resources field offices and an emergency number for reporting chemical and manure spills.

ICM 1 may be ordered by calling the Extension Distribution Center [1] on the Iowa State University campus at 515-294-5247.

This article originally appeared on page 141 of the IC-486(17) -- July 9, 2001 issue.

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