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Stink bugs in late summer soybean

As fields are being scouted for second-generation bean leaf beetles, stink bugs are being found in greater abundance than usual during late summer. These stink bugs are unlikely to cause any economic damage (i.e., damage that would justify an insecticide application). There are three species of stink bugs that are fairly common in Iowa soybean: the green stink bug, brown stink bug, and spined soldier bug. The green stink bug and brown stink bug are both pests and can damage pods. See the August 20, 2001, ICM article [1] on page 121 for information on the green stink bug and damage to soybean. Damage caused by the brown stink bug would be very similar to that caused by the green stink bug. The spined soldier bug is a beneficial insect and feeds on a variety of pest insects, including green cloverworm caterpillars. This insect can be identified by the very sharp "shoulders" and brown spot near the tip of the wings.

Brown stink bug nymph.

Brown stink bug adult.

Green stink bug nymph.

Green stink bug.

Spined soldier bug, a beneficial insect.

This article originally appeared on page 181 of the IC-486(22) -- September 17, 2001 issue.

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