Integrated Crop Management

Flights of western bean cutworms increase

Trap catches of western bean cutworms increased during the first week of July. A blacklight trap operated by the Linn family north of Correctionville (east of Sioux City) collected 1 moth on June 30, 12 on July 4, 22 on July 5, 15 on July 6, and 17 on July 7. Todd Vagts, Iowa State University Extension field specialist-crops specialist, reports catching moths at Castana on July 5 and 8. Phred Linn reports that females are laying eggs in corn in Woodbury and Plymouth counties, and he has counted as many as 100 eggs on a single plant. Now is the time to be scouting cornfields for the eggs of this pest. See last week's Integrated Crop Management newsletter article [1] for details on economic thresholds, scouting suggestions, and insecticide options.

This article originally appeared on page 143 of the IC-488(17) -- July 15, 2002 issue.

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