Integrated Crop Management

Leafminer injury common in soybean

Several crop scouts have inquired about soybean leaves with brown pockets or blisters often found along the edge of the leaflet. These blisters are the chambers created by soybean leafminer larvae. Only one larva occurs in each chamber, but I have seen leaflets with as many as three chambers and larvae. I have never seen any economic damage caused by the larvae but the adults do transmit bean pod mottle virus. The adult leafminer was featured in the June 17, 2002, Integrated Crop Management newsletter, page 102 [1].

Soybean leafminer larva causes a brown pocket or blister, often found along the edge of the leaflet.

This article originally appeared on page 155 of the IC-488(19) -- July 29, 2002 issue.

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