Integrated Crop Management

Mustang Max® approved for crops

FMC recently received from the EPA a registration allowing the use of Mustang Max™ on many crops, including alfalfa, corn, sorghum, soybean, and wheat. Mustang Max is a pyrethroid insecticide tested as F0570. It is formulated as an emulsifiable concentrate containing 0.8 pound of active ingredient per gallon. Mustang Max will replace Mustang in the marketplace. The chart shows a few of the Iowa insects listed on the Mustang Max label, rates of product per acre, and the preharvest intervals. Mustang Max is a restricted use pesticide. Consult the label for additional restrictions or suggestions before insecticide application.

Crop Insect Pest Rate/acre Preharvest Interval

Alfalfa alfalfa weevil 2.24-4.0 oz.
potato leafhopper 2.24-4.0 oz. 3
Corn (field, pop, seed) black cutworm 1.28-2.8 oz. 30 (grain)
chinch bug 3.2-4.0 oz. 60 (forage)
corn earworm 1.76-4.0 oz.
corn rootworm adults 2.72-4.0 oz.
European corn borer 2.72-4.0 oz.
western bean cutworm 1.76-4.0 oz.
Sorghum chinch bug 3.2-4.0 oz. 14 (grain)
45 (forage)
Soybean bean leaf beetle 2.8-4.0 oz. 21
green cloverworm 2.8-4.0 oz.
Wheat armyworm (true) 1.76-4.0 oz. 14

This article originally appeared on page 16 of the IC-490 (3) -- March 17, 2003 issue.

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