Integrated Crop Management

Pay attention to management needs of fertilizer products

With concerns this spring about nitrogen (N) fertilizer availability and pricing, perhaps you are considering an N product you haven't used before. What management considerations should you pay attention to? When properly managed, all N fertilizers can be effective for supplying crop N needs.

Anhydrous Ammonia


Urea-ammonium nitrate solutions (UAN 28 or 32 percent N)

Other N fertilizers

Corn tissue damage from foliar application of UAN solution at 100 lb N/acre.

With uncertainty surrounding N prices and potential supply issues, it is important to use N fertilizer products in the best manner possible. Be mindful of the unique properties and management needs of each material. Don't get in a rush and waste valuable N just to get the job done.

This article originally appeared on pages 25-26 of the IC-490 (4) -- April 14, 2003 issue.

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