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Soybean aphid workshop now online

On February 5, 2004, five entomologists from four Midwestern states (Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin) delivered an educational program on soybean aphids via the Latitude Bridge to more than 60 locations in these four states. The Latitude Bridge at the University of Illinois delivers distance education programs via the World Wide Web. The sites in each state were hosted by Extension personnel. Approximately 800 people listened to the program while PowerPoint slides were projected over the Internet or from CD-ROM onto which the PowerPoint slides had been copied.

These soybean aphid presentations can now be accessed here [1]. The front page provides a bit of an explanation about the workshop, and by clicking on Click here in the next-to-last paragraph, you gain access to all presentations.

The various PowerPoint presentations provide information on soybean aphid biology, research, the soybean aphid situation in 2003, and thresholds and guidelines for making treatment decisions in 2004.

This article originally appeared on page 11 of the IC-492 (2) -- February 23, 2004 issue.

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