Integrated Crop Management

Long-legged flies in crops

It is not unusual to find something in corn or soybeans that normally does not occur there. This year, a species of long-legged fly is abundant, especially in soybeans, but it is not a pest of either this crop or corn. The adult fly is a metallic green and copper with clear or patterned wings, and of course, long legs. Adults are common in damp woods and fields, and along streams, where they can be found running in circles on leaves. The adult long-legged flies are predators of other small insects, and the larvae, which also are predatory, live in damp soil or rotting wood. In case you are wondering, they are members of the family Dolichopodidae, genus Condylostylus (a real mouthful!).

Adult long-legged fly.

This article originally appeared on page 102 of the IC-492(18) -- August 2, 2004 issue.

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