Integrated Crop Management

New extension corn production Web site

We've designed a new Web site for Iowa State University Extension corn production that has current and relevant management information for producing corn in Iowa. The Web site provides research-based recommendations and diagnostic tools for producers and agribusinesses. The largest section of the Web site is devoted to "Corn Management," which is broken into categories based on whether the topic addresses overarching production issues, such as cropping systems and rotations, or if the topic can be isolated to a certain time of the growing season (planting, early-season, mid-/late-season, harvest). For example, in the "Planting" category, users can find information related to topics that are important to consider before or while planting, such as plant population and planting date.

The Web site is designed to be searched by topic, not information source. Information that is available includes extension newsletter articles, extension publications, scientific papers, and current research.

The Web site also includes an Image Gallery with images of abnormal and normal growth and development that will be especially useful during the growing season for diagnostic questions and identification.

Visit the Web site and give us your feedback! You can find it by going to the Agronomy Extension Web site at [1] and selecting "Corn Production" in the left sidebar or access it directly at [2]. We appreciate your thoughts and comments concerning the site. We will work hard to continually add information to the Web site to keep it current and useful for producers and agronomists across the state.

Lori Abendroth is an agronomy specialist with research and extension responsibilities in corn production. Roger Elmore is professor of agronomy with research and extension responsibilities in corn production.

This article originally appeared on page 264 of the IC-496(27) -- December 18, 2006 issue.

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