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Additional soybean aphid resources

Some of the following Web sites were cited in this newsletter and others listed below also provide useful information about soybean aphid biology and management.

Regional soybean aphid suction trap network [1]
This site summarizes all of the suction trap data from 2005 and will be updated as data come in during the 2006 growing season.

Speed scouting [2]
The speed scouting technique is an effective method to scout soybeans for aphids. You will find detailed instructions as well as blank worksheets.

Iowa State University soybean aphid research [3]
Check this site periodically for updates from ongoing research at ISU.

Iowa State University Pest Management and the Environment [4]
From 2005 Wrap-up [5]
Insecticide use for soybean aphid control up again in 2005 [6]

From Different thresholds, different states: Why? [7]
Economic Threshold of the Soybean Aphid, A. glycines, in South Dakota [8]

This article originally appeared on page 3 of the IC-496 (1) -- January 23, 2006 issue.

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