Integrated Crop Management

Alto 100SL approved for soybean rust

The fungicide Alto 100SL (cyproconazole), manufactured by Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc., has been approved as a Section 18 fungicide in Iowa, effective on April 19, 2006. The exemption will expire on April 19, 2009. Alto 100SL is a systemic, triazole fungicide with early infection and protectant activity. It has post-infection activity that can stop pathogen establishment in the early phases of disease development. Alto 100SL also can stop sporulation, reduce inoculum production, and slow disease progress.

All applicable directions, restrictions, and precautions on Alto must be followed. Listed are some restrictions for Alto 100SL.

This article originally appeared on page 106 of the IC-496 (9) -- May 1, 2006 issue.

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