Integrated Crop Management

2005 Weed Science Field Day

The 2005 Weed Science Field Day is scheduled for June 23 at the Curtiss Farm on South State Street in Ames. The self-guided field day will begin with registration at 8:30 a.m. and introductory comments will be provided at 9 a.m. Healthy snacks, coffee, and other beverages will be available.

The field day will allow the attendees to review herbicide demonstrations, specialty crop herbicide tolerance trials, no-tillage weed management systems, and herbicide application timing studies. While the Weed Science Field Day has traditionally been directed more for representatives of the ag-chemical industry, it is open to anyone who has an interest in new weed management practices. There is a $20 registration fee, which covers refreshments and a field book. For further information, contact Mike Owen at 515-294-5936 or e-mail at [1].

This article originally appeared on page Page 3 of the IC-494(14) -- June 13, 2005 issue.

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