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Potential yield effects from root lodging of corn
Dates projected for stalk borer scouting
Black cutworm predictions in corn
Scouting and management of alfalfa weevils
Bean leaf beetle winter survival
Two-spotted spider mites on soybeans
Scout first-generation bean leaf beetles now
2001 stalk borer migration is upcoming
Early cutworm scouting for southern Iowa
Alfalfa weevil scouting and thresholds
Alfalfa weevils to hatch soon
Private pesticide continuing instructional courses
Diagnosing Stewart's disease in field corn
Protect pollinating honeybees
Get ready to scout for cutworms
Scouting and management of stalk borers
A two-crop beetle update
A two-crop beetle update
Black cutworm scouting dilemma
Fall armyworm on seedling alfalfa
Watch alfalfa for blister beetles
Be aware of corn leaf aphids
Second-generation corn borer outlook
Green snap opinions vary
Green snap opinions vary
Slime trails in the moonlight
Grasshopper nymphs in northwest Iowa
Potato leafhopper is here
Stalk borers on the move!
Insect odds and ends
Insect odds and ends
Insect odds and ends
Black cutworm cutting forecast
Pests of germinating corn and soybean
Pests of germinating corn and soybean
Pests of germinating corn and soybean
Alfalfa weevils active in Iowa
Sample now for soybean cyst nematode eggs
Don't try this at home...or anywhere!
Stalk borer update
Scout for cutworms in southern Iowa
Black cutworm moths have arrived
Stalk borers are hatching
Stalk borers can kill edge row corn
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