Basswood/Linden (Tilia americana)


 This is a tall, stately tree that is perhaps too large for the common landscape feature.  A handsome native tree which may do best to be left in the woods.  They are found often in the Southern Appalachians in rich coves, along streams and in floodplain soils.  The large leaves, often silver- or gray-backed are prominent.

Hardiness- Zone 3b to Zone 8

Growth Rate- Medium (20 to 30 feet over a 20 year period)  Soil conditions largely influence growth rate.

Mature Shape- Tall, stately tree.  Has numerous, slender, low spreading branches and fills into an oblong, somewhat rounded crown.

Height-  average 60 to 80 feet, but can grow to 100 feet or more.

Width-  1/2 to 2/3 the height

Site Requirements-  Transplants readily.  Prefers deep, moist, fertile soils to reach its maximum height.  Is able to grow on drier heavier soils and is often found in the wild on slopes of hills.  Full sun or partial shade, not very tolerant of air pollutants.

Features-  A beautiful, tall tree, best suited for large spaces like parks or golf courses.  These trees are native from Maine to Florida and west to eastern North Dakota, south to Oklahoma and Louisiana.  The wood of these trees is used for making furniture, boxes, and veneer.  The tough inner bark can be used to make rope.