Yew (Taxus baccata)


The yew is a favorite landscape evergreen.  It's desirable characteristics include slow to medium growth rate, resistance to insects and diseases, excellent year-round color, compact growth habit, winter hardiness, and ease of propagation.  One of the only weaknesses of this plant is its susceptibility to damage by deer.

Hardiness- Zone 6 to 7, depending on the genotype.

Growth Rate- slow to medium

Mature Shape- Usually compact and fairly dense.  Do not need much pruning.  Can be tree or shrub-like, wide spreading and densely branched.  The many cultivars offer many shapes from wide-spreading to distinctly columnar.

Height- 30 feet tall (some can reach 60 feet, but shorter is more common)

Width-15 to 25 feet

Site requirements- Prefers a moist, well-drained, sandy loam.  Requires excellent drainage.

Features- Easy to maintain and offer excellent year round color and an appealing shape.