2022 Iowa Pest Resistance Management Workshop


panel discussion


Consistent with suggestions from participants in the Iowa Pest Resistance Management Program (IPRMP) and support from key organizations in Iowa, a state-wide workshop was held to assess progress in managing pest resistance since 2015.  The workshop, titled "Resistance Management: Where do we go from Here?" was held on April 4th in Ames, Iowa.

At the April 2022 workshop, representatives from Iowa farmer associations, cooperatives, agricultural retailers, certified crop advisors, land management firms, pesticide registrants, and seed companies shared perspectives on the nature and extent to which challenges in managing pest management resistance have changed over the past seven years.  In addition, the workshop identified barriers to advancing resistance management practices and explored near-and long-term options to integrate resistance management practices within viable production programs.

Workshop Resources & Summaries 

Trends in Pest Resistance 2013-2021

2022 IPRMP Workshop Summary

2022 IPRMP Workshop Session Themes

2022 IPRMP Workshop Breakout Sessions Summary

Presentations & Tools

Workshop Overview and Pilot Program Presentation

Stakeholder Perspective on Resistance Management Presentation

Economics of Resistance Management Presentation

Weed Management Budgeting Tool