Apple IPM


Apple Insect Pests

Pest Type Definition
key/major present in most orchards in most years and usually causing economic damage if not managed. MD: Mating Disruption
minor/ rare often present but usually/ occasionally not causing economic damage and not requiring management. MD: Mating Disruption

Apple Growth Stages

The (colored) boxes represent the crop stages where common pests in the Midwest are active and action (scouting and preventative sprays) may be necessary/recommended. 


Dormant  Green Tip  Half-inch Green Tight Cluster Pink Bloom Petal Fall 1st and 2nd Cover 3rd Cover Summer Cover
          CM-MD   Codling moth
      OFM-MD     Oriental fruit moth
            Plum curculio    
                Apple maggot
                Brown marmorated stink bug
  European red mite            
                  Japanese beetle
    Rosy apple aphid          
San Jose scale     San Jose scale  
                  Woolly apple aphid
              Periodical Cicada  
              Potato leafhopper  
          DWB-MD Dogwood borer  
              Green apple aphid    
        Tarnished plant bug          
    spotted tentiform leafminer- adults   spotted tentiform leafminer- larvae   spotted tentiform leafminer- larvae     spotted tentiform leafminer 
    Ambrosia beetles