Field Crop Insects


Field Crop Insects is a publication that is a cooperative effort between the Iowa Soybean Association and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. The publication contains descriptions and images of many pest insects as well as information on insect life cycle, damage, scouting and management options. Correct recognition and identification of insect pests is an important first step to making a proper management decision regarding any insect species found in soybean and corn. This website provides access to information and resources to complement Field Crop Insects.


Printed copies of Field Crop Insects, as well as other publications, can be ordered through the Iowa State University Extension Online Store.

Threshold Calculators

Bean leaf beetle threshold calculator 

Black cutworm threshold calculator 

European corn borer threshold calculator 

Corn rootworm interactive node-injury scale

Stalk borer thresholds in corn:

Degree days and calculation

How to calculate degree days


For help with identification of insects, visit the Iowa State University Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic.

For more information on soybean insects, see the Iowa State University Soybean Insects Guide.

For current, relevant and accurate crop insect and production information, visit Integrated Crop Management News.

For information on soybean agronomics, diseases, pests, etc. visit the Soybean Research and Information Initiative at

For information on soybean aphid and other pests, see the Soybean Pest Podcast.

Wireworm bait station trap building instructions.