Harrison County Pest Resistance Management Project Overview


Weed resistance field day in soybean field 2018

The Harrison County Pest Resistance Management Project is an effort to address the growing challenge posed by resistant pests. Since pests spread easily by wind, water, wildlife and equipment, resistance management is the responsibility of everyone involved in agriculture. A team of farmers, agronomists, crop advisers, researchers, bankers, agribusiness professionals, seed and herbicide company professionals and landowners is working to increase collaboration, spread awareness, and find solutions to resistance issues to ensure that pest resistance management is an integral part of all agricultural business decisions. While the project began with a focus on waterhemp, marestail, giant ragweed, and palmer amaranth, the team decided to expand and address disease resistance as well. This project is one of several resistance management projects being implemented across Iowa as part of the Iowa Pest Resistance Management Program (IPRMP).

The Harrison Project has completed field trials and resistance screenings and has held field days and a field tour.  

Resistant weeds in field
Field infested with giant ragweed and waterhemp

Managing Resistance

To reduce the spread and development of herbicide resistance, the use of diverse weed management programs are essential, including timely applications of herbicide mixtures containing multiple, effective mechanisms of action in addition to cultural and mechanical techniques where feasible. Due to high seed production in many weed species, all efforts to reduce and prevent seed production by resistant individuals will be highly beneficial. 

Who is Involved?

Larry Buss, Farmer, Harrison Project Lead, President of Harrison/Crawford County Corn Growers Association 
Greg Christiansen, Ag Lender, Midstates Bank, NA 
David Cooper, Farmer, Harrison County Extension Council
Todd Cohrs, Ag Lender, FCSA Financial Officer 
Mike Dickinson, Harrison County Farm Bureau Vice President 
Matt Handbury, Heartland COOP Agronomist 
Carter Oliver, Harrison County Director, ISU Extension and Outreach 
Jacque Pohl, Iowa State Program Coordinator 
Jason Sporrer, Agriland FS Agronomist 
John Swalwell, Asgrow/Dekalb Agronomist 
Brent Wiersma, Business Representative, BASF 
Mike Witt, Iowa State Field Agronomist

2019 Field Day

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Come see results of the 2019 field trials, which will include diverse herbicide systems on both till and no-till sites. A comparison of fungicide treatments is also planned. Visit the event's page for more detail. 

Location: Immediately northeast of the intersection of Niagara Trail and 262nd Street, which is about 1.5 to 2 miles southwest of downtown Logan.

Learn More

Larry Buss: 712-269-2989, l-bbuss@windstream.net