Pest Management Practices


An effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy is made up of several smaller pest management practices. Over reliance on one method of management can result in pest resistance, rendering further use of that practice not only useless to you, but to the rest of the agricultural community. Successful IPM programs are ones that incorporate a variety of pest management approaches, so that our tools remain useful and safe. 

Not all management strategies work on every farm, and not all strategies have the same level of effect. In addition, some strategies are more costly than others. Creating a successful IPM program is truly a personalized process that takes into account efficacy, cost and potential for results. The Iowa State University IPM program has developed the Pest Management in Practice Database to help you find a wide array of pest management strategies, that you can incorporate into an effective, personalized IPM program that you can be proud of. 

Are you testing out a new approach to pest management on your farm?
Iowa State’s faculty are always conducting research on various weed, insect and disease management techniques and products. The Iowa State IPM program has established a database for you to consult when researching or considering new management practices.

To see what our researchers have discovered, please select a category that best matches your pest management needs:

Corn Diseases

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Pesticides and Resistance

*Note, some research will have multiple tags, and can be found in multiple categories.