About Iowa School IPM


School IPM programs help schools provide healthy learning environments by decreasing unnecessary or illegal pesticide use, decreasing asthma triggers (cockroach and rodent allergens, dust mites, and fungal spores), and decreasing pest occurrence and outbreaks. School IPM programs focus on pest identification, pest monitoring, prevention, education, and ecologically-based management techniques. Since its inception in 2000, school IPM programs have been documented as cost-effective and long-lasting, when compared to traditional pest control programs.

Iowa State University Extension's School IPM program began in 2001 with a Steering Group, assembled to discuss the results of a statewide survey and make suggestions about educational IPM efforts. The Iowa State University School IPM program has fully trained 7 school districts for IPM implementation since the program's inception. Another 20 - 30 districts have received partial training. All public districts received the School IPM Newsletter during 2002 through 2004; these are still available by choosing newsletters on the left column.

Iowa State has been actively involved in school IPM activities in the North Central Region:

  • Co-leading NCR School IPM Working Group
  • Monthly teleconferences discussing pest management issues, including successes and failures of programs/approaches
  • Face-to-face meetings of Working Group members in Champaign, IL (2008) and Columbia, MO (2009)
  • Leading the pilot program in South Dakota (2009 - 2010), involving teleconferences, site assessments, and staff training events

For 2010 - 2012, ISUE's School IPM program is planning on reconvening a Steering Group to develop a statewide coalition for school IPM. Additionally, fully trained districts will be re-visited to determine the level of IPM implementation and assist districts in furthering the program.

In-depth staff training in School IPM is available for any public and private district. Contact Mark Shour for more information.

Mark Shour asking questions of school staff

Above: Mark Shour asking questions of school staff. Below: inspecting food storage.

Picture of a person inspecting food storage