SCN and Soybean Aphid Resistance Management Workshop

August 3, 2017

Ames, Iowa – Soybean aphid resistance will be one of the topics covered at the August 17, 2017, SCN and Soybean Aphid Resistance Management Workshop at the Iowa State Field Extension Education Laboratory in Boone, Iowa.

Crop consultants, agronomists, and farmers are invited to come learn more about preventing and managing resistance in soybean aphid and soybean cyst nematode. Online registration for the field day is available until August 9, and the fee includes lunch, refreshments and course materials. Check-in begins at 8:30 am at 1928 240th St, Boone, Iowa. Continuing education options are available.

Growing evidence from southern Minnesota and northwest Iowa indicates that soybean aphid populations are developing resistance to pyrethroid insecticides. Pyrethroids are a popular insecticide mode of action to apply both preventatively (without scouting) and when soybean aphid outbreaks occur. Come learn more about this timely topic.

Instructors for the workshop include Drs. Erin Hodgson and Matt O’Neal, Department of Entomology, Dr. Greg Tylka, Extension nematologist, and Dr. Kaitlyn Bissonnette, Post-doctoral research associate. Visit the ANR website for a map and a detailed agenda.

Organization of a soybean aphid pilot in northwest Iowa is in the beginning stages as part of the Iowa Pest Resistance Management Plan. This plan seeks to delay the development of resistance in insects, weeds and diseases and to preserve management tools and profitability for farmers. Learn more at