Phytopoetry - Spring Break Pythium Style

Join Sebastian Eugene Bartholomew, #Phytopoetry Expert, as he muses on mold, ponders plants, and bellows bug ballads. S.E. Bartholomew specializes in intellectual modesty and tact, using his vast store of knowledge to easily solve complex pest and plant issues. Make sure to subscribe here for more videos: For real, nobody knows it all. But we can help each other out with everyday problems.

Terror Stalks Through the Cornfield (Southern Rust) | Phytopoetry

Southern rust of corn The terror stalks through southern fields, It siphons hope and steals yields. The pustules eruptules and polysora soars, It takes to flight on windy nights And floats to Midwest shores. Urediniospores fall from the sky, And hybrid leaves begin to die. Famished kernels yearn for fill, When southern rust closes to kill. The combine cries, the chaff spreader chafes, The auger slows, the bins don’t break. When pustules eruptules and polysora soars, It takes the strength of mighty men and shakes me to the core.