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Vampire Worms! How Root Knot Nematodes Drain the Life from Soybeans

I See Dead Plants

On this episode of the I See Dead Plants Podcast, host Ed Zaworski speaks with Dr. Travis Faske about the small round worms known as nematodes. They also discuss nematode abundance and diversity on earth, including a 28 foot long sperm whale placenta parasite. But mostly about root knot nematodes on soybean. The research publication discussed is "Movement of Seed- and Soil-Applied Fluopyram in Soil Columns" published in the Journal of Nematology. Dr. Faske is currently a plant pathology professor and extension specialist at the University of Arkansas.

Additional Resources:

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Zaworski, E. (Host) and Faske, T. (Interviewee). Vampire Unicorn Worms or How to Drain the Life from Soybeans with a Knife-Straw on Your Face. S1:E7 (Podcast). January 13, 2022. In I See Dead Plants. Crop Protection Network.