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Iowa Pest Resistance Management Plan Unveiled

January 30, 2017

Iowa Pest Resistance Management Plan logo

DES MOINES – Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Associate Dean John Lawrence and Iowa farmer Larry Buss of Logan today announced the release of the Iowa Pest Resistance Management Plan. A video of the announcement is available here.

Version 1 of the IPRMP is an Iowa-specific plan that seeks to engage farmers on the issue of pest resistance management with the goal of keeping technology and tools such as pesticides, seed treatments and biotechnology products and native traits available and effective.

Position Open for Crop Education Intern

August 17, 2018

The Integrated Pest Management Unit is looking for an intern to assist with educational programing for K-12 youth. This intern would work with Maya Hayslett, the Crop Sciences Youth Educational Specialist, as part of the Americorps program. The purpose of this position is to help create and disseminate educational materials for youth on crop science topics. This person would be provided with training to create interactive online modules and then create 2-4 modules as part of a crop science curriculum.

A guide to killing fungi: Fungicide efficacy trials

I See Dead Plants

One of the most important decisions a farmer can make is choosing the best products for the management and prevention of crop disease. Ed Zaworski invites University of Kentucky plant pathologist, Dr. Kiersten Wise, onto the pod to discuss the Crop Protection Network Fungicide Efficacy Guide Series and how these ratings were developed to rate various fungicides and their ability to control major crop diseases in the United States. For more information read the full-length web book Fungicide Use in Field Crops.

Additional Resources:

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How to cite the podcast: 

Zaworski, E. (Host) and Wise, K. (Interviewee). A guide to killing fungi: Fungicide efficacy trials S1:E12 (Podcast). 04-20-2022. In I See Dead Plants. Crop Protection Network.