Alfalfa Pest Management Working Group

Alfalfa Pest Management Working Group

The Alfalfa Pest Management Working Group (APMWG) consists of scientists and extension practitioners who are working together to create management resources for diseases, insect pests, and disorders of alfalfa as part of the Crop Protection Network's online suite of tools. The APMWG has received funding through the North Central Integrated Pest Management Center.


SCN resistance for long-term SCN Management

Monica Pennewitt, Iowa State University graduate student, discusses her research on soybean cyst nematode.The soybean cyst nematode (SCN) or Heterodera glycines is the most damaging pathogen to soybean production in North America. Current annual yield losses are estimated at more than $1.2 billion.Though SCN-resistant soybean varieties are available to minimize yield loss, producers are faced with limited options for rotation once virulent SCN populations develop in their fields.