Alfalfa Pest Management Working Group

Alfalfa Pest Management Working Group

The Alfalfa Pest Management Working Group (APMWG) consists of scientists and extension practitioners who are working together to create management resources for diseases, insect pests, and disorders of alfalfa as part of the Crop Protection Network's online suite of tools. The APMWG has received funding through the North Central Integrated Pest Management Center.


Dr. Laura C Iles

Laura Iles
Director, North Central IPM Center
Area of Expertise: 
Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Insect Identification, Plant Problem Diagnostics

Periodical Cicadas: And Then They Were Gone

July 23, 2014

Sigh.  It's hard to believe but the periodical cicada emergence of 2014 that we waited 17 long years to see is over.  They came, they sang their song, they perpetuated the species (which is all that was expected on them, after all), and now they are gone.  Oh, there will be a few stragglers next summer to remind us of what was, but for the most part, those of us living in central Iowa will not see them here again until 2031.  Let the countdown begin!!

Grasshopper Activity Observed

July 23, 2014

Grasshopper activity has been noted this week in Iowa. These insects feed on grasses and weeds, and can become field crops pests. In corn and soybean, feeding is frequently, but not always, restricted to field edges. When crop injury does occur, it usually is related to drought conditions due to a reduction in natural vegetation.