Ghost Bees

Randall Cass and Ashley St Clair of the IPM4Bees group shot some varroa mite management videos and from those videos this Halloween special was created! Happy Hallowbees!

Improving Bee Health: Combining Crop Production and Conservation

Randall Cass and Ashley St. Clair discuss their honey bee research:  How do the stresses of living in an agricultural landscape impact honey bee health?  Can native perennial forage rescue colonies from late season declines and agricultural stress? Is there an impact of honey bee colonies on wild bee populations and their health in agricultural landscapes?

IPM4Bees Field Day

Ashley St. Clair and Randall Cass helped create this video showing the IPM4Bees field day: “Varroa mites are a honey bee parasite that spread disease and weaken hives. By monitoring mites, beekeepers can make informed management decisions for this pest.”