Phytopoetry - Spring Break Pythium Style

Join Sebastian Eugene Bartholomew, #Phytopoetry Expert, as he muses on mold, ponders plants, and bellows bug ballads. S.E. Bartholomew specializes in intellectual modesty and tact, using his vast store of knowledge to easily solve complex pest and plant issues. Make sure to subscribe here for more videos: For real, nobody knows it all. But we can help each other out with everyday problems.

"Who Milks the Bees?" |The Undergrowth

Welcome to The Undergrowth. We speak to celebrated scientists and eminent educators about plants and pests. Join us as we embrace knowledge together on this expedition into mysterious realms.

Sebastian speaks with Mr. Randall Cass, an extension bee specialist and staff member at Iowa State University, about the issues that impact honey bees. Want to know about bee keeping and native bees? See the following Extension resources:

Bee Program at Iowa State University

Field Crop Insects

Field Crop Insects
Field Crop Insects contains descriptions and images of more than 50 pest and beneficial insects, as well as information on insect life cycle, crop injury, scouting and management options. There is also information on integrated pest management including scouting, degree days, and a defoliation estimation guide. This guide covers corn, soybean, and alfalfa insect pests.