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Praying Mantis

Adam Sisson (Integrated Pest Management Specialist) discovers a praying mantis in a soybean field and attempts to showcase it's raw power and agility.

Flying Saucers and Fungicides: Measuring Soybean Stress with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

I See Dead Plants

On this episode of the I See Dead Plants Podcast, host Ed Zaworski speaks with Dr. Xavier Phillips about detecting the impact of fungicides on soybeans using unmanned aerial vehicles (also known as drones). This interview is based on research published in the journal Agronomy, called “Estimating Soybean Radiation Use Efficiency Using a UAV in Iowa.” Dr. Phillips is currently a field crop researcher with Syngenta.

Additional Resources:

Remote Sensing in Agriculture Special Issue of the journal Agronomy.

Fungicide Efficacy for Control of Soybean Foliar Diseases from the Crop Protection Network.

Fungicide Use in Field Crops web book from the Crop Protection Network.

How to cite this podcast:

Zaworski, E. (Host) and Phillips, X. (Interviewee). Flying Saucers and Fungicides: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Used to Measure Soybean Stress. S1:E5 (Podcast). November 17, 2021. In I See Dead Plants. Crop Protection Network. Https://