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Harrison Pests

The Harrison County Pest Resistance Project initially began in 2017 as a result of the introduction of Palmer amaranth in the county four years prior. As most farmers in the area are grappling with herbicide resistant weeds but do not have Palmer in their fields yet, the project was expanded to include waterhemp, marestail, giant ragweed and disease trials as well. Read below to learn more about local disease and weeds and why they were included in this project.


Jacqueline M Pohl

Jacque Pohl
Program Coordinator I
Area of Expertise: 
Communication, coordination, biology

North Central ipmPIPE - NC ipmPIPE

What is the North Central ipmPIPE? The North Central ipmPIPE was created to share timely scouting results and predictive models to target management recommendations. This information will help agribusinesses and growers make informed IPM.based pesticide applications. The website is useable for pests and management needs for any crop; special state and federal crop pest management issues; and is designed for growers to use interactively to meet their own pest management needs.