Morel Mushroom Certification

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach offer three hours classed for anyone interested in being certifiedmorel mushroom cerification to sell morel mushrooms legally within the state of Iowa. The workshop is held every year during spring on the Iowa State campus.

Dealing with Palmer Amaranth in Iowa

Palmer amaranth has made it's way into Iowa. Learn how to identify it and how to avoid spreading it to your land. 

Recap of 2017 Crop Scouting Competition

Six teams of Iowa youth from across the state participated in the seventh annual Iowa Crop Scouting Competition on July 31 at the ISU Extension and Outreach Field Extension Education Laboratory. The top four teams were awarded trophies and cash prizes. The top two winning teams from Denison, Iowa and Clayton County, Iowa will compete against Nebraska and Indiana winning teams in the upcoming 2017 Regional Crop Scouting Competition in Indiana on Aug. 28.

Field Extension Education Laboratory Aerial Tour
What Happens to a Sample at the Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic

See what happens when a sample is sent to the Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic.

Tips for Capturing Crop Disease Photos on Your Mobile Device

In this video, Rachel Kempker (iPiPE intern at Iowa State University) demonstrates how to properly take photos when scouting for disease.

Field Scouting Basics Workshop