ISU Horticulture Research Station Virtual Field Day: Summer cover crops for vegetable production
Assessing 'Derecho' Damage
Corn Rootworm Damage (This really happens?!?)

Warren Pierson (Field Extension Education Lab) shows us corn that has been destroyed by heavy winds due to corn rootworm.

Woolly Cupgrass


In this video Iowa State Extension and Outreach field agronomist Meaghan Anderson helps us differentiate between Woolly Cupgrass and Foxtail.


Tips for Hunting Wild Edible Mushrooms
Diplodia tip blight
How to Plant a Container Grown Tree

In this video Jeff Iles shows us how to plant a container grown tree and discusses potential problems that could arise.

Early Season Planting (What Could Go Wrong?)

In this video Warren Pierson, Field Extension Education Laboratory coordinator, shows viewers some early season planting plots and discusses what can go wrong when planting too early.

Fungicide Resistance (Frogeye Leaf Spot)

Daren Mueller discusses fungicide resistance in soybean with the main focus for disease being frogeye leaf spot and brown spot.