Field Scouting Basics Workshop

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The Crop Scouting Field Basics Workshop is for interns scouting fields and reporting back to farmers, crop consultants, or others. Scouts are the "eyes and ears" in the field and their reports help drive pest management decisions. Crop scouts often discover other problems in the field, such as nutrient deficiencies, implement malfunctions, and other issues, that might not be seen from a 'windshield survey.' 

The objective is getting students out of the classroom and in the field, completing activities a crop scout will actually be doing. This opportunity builds confidence in the field. Students should be prepared for typical spring weather and field conditions and dress accordingly.

Attendees receive one copy each of:
Corn and Soybean Field Guide
Weed Identification Field Guide 2nd Edition
Field Crop Insects

This program is capped at 80 students for maximum student-instructor interaction and discussion.