2020 Virtual Field Trials Introduction: Harrison County Pest Resistance Management Project

The Harrison County Pest Resistance Management Project team created 2020 field trials to help local farmers see examples of local weed pressure and strategies for management. This video introduces the 2020 soybean trait trials, which include both Dicamba + Glyphosate trials and 2,4-d + Glufosinate + Glyphosate trials. Learn how the trials were prepared, planted and managed.

Weed ID: Burdock (Thanks for the VELCRO!)

In this WEED ID video, Weed Specialist Bob Hartzler shows us how to properly identify this plant and gives us some insight into the weed.

Bugs 'N Blades: How to identify insects

Check out this new video series Bugs 'N Blades!

This Radish is HUGE! (Cover Crop Research)
Praying Mantis

Adam Sisson (Integrated Pest Management Specialist) discovers a praying mantis in a soybean field and attempts to showcase it's raw power and agility.

ISU Neely-Kinyon Farm Organic Field Day 2020
ISU Horticulture Research Station Virtual Field Day: Summer cover crops for vegetable production
Assessing 'Derecho' Damage
Corn Rootworm Damage (This really happens?!?)

Warren Pierson (Field Extension Education Lab) shows us corn that has been destroyed by heavy winds due to corn rootworm.

Woolly Cupgrass


In this video Iowa State Extension and Outreach field agronomist Meaghan Anderson helps us differentiate between Woolly Cupgrass and Foxtail.