IPM YouTube

The Iowa State University Integrated Pest Management program is introducing a YouTube channel that promotes efforts of Iowa State scientists and researchers who provide means-tested crop and pest management solutions to stakeholders in Iowa and beyond. At the Integrated Pest Management Iowa State University channel, viewers will find content detailing the efforts and reaches of the IPM program, best practices and information, as well as demonstrations on how to properly identify and evaluate various insect and disease pests and their impacts on field crops.

Seed Dissection Experiment Video

Watch this video for directions on a fun and easy experiment you can do to teach youth about seeds. For online lessons on this topic and more visit the Iowa State Extension Moodle Courses here ( and look under 4-H courses.

White Mold Inoculation
ISU Horticulture Research Station Prairie Video
Harrison County Pest Resistance Project - 2018

The Harrison County Pest Resistance Management Project is bringing together local members of the agricultural community to preserve management tools while battling resistance. Learn more from this recap of the 2018 Soybean Field Day.

Bacterial leaf streak (BLS)

Iowa State University Extension Plant Pathologists have identified and confirmed several different cases of bacterial leaf streak in corn this growing season. Bacterial leaf streak is relatively new to the United States, with the first case identified in 2016, though symptoms of the disease have been present in Nebraska since 2014. In this video Ed Zaworski, plant pathologist at Iowa State University, takes you into the Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic as he examines a sample of bacterial leaf streak in corn.

Soybean Disease Research in Chile

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Sampling for Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN)

Ed Zaworski, of the Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic at Iowa State University, discusses sampling for soybean cyst nematode (SCN).  He gives tips and pointers on when and how to sample as well as how to properly ship your sample to the clinic for analysis.


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Monarchs on the Move Challenge

Cherokee, IA — Over 160 sixth graders from the Cherokee area (Ridge View, Cherokee, and Alta-Aurelia) participated in the sixth grade field day at Silver Sioux Recreation Center Friday, May 4, 2018. At the field day, youth experienced the Monarchs on the Move challenge, learning about the importance of monarch butterflies as pollinators in crop and food production. Students interacted with live monarch eggs, caterpillars, butterflies and chrysalises from the USDA monarch colony at Iowa State University.

Dealing with Palmer Amaranth in Iowa

Palmer amaranth has made it's way into Iowa. Learn how to identify it and how to avoid spreading it to your land.