Welcome to Class Podcast


“Welcome to Class:” Agriculture Educators Podcast is available for agriculture professionals to receive tips and information, discuss best teaching practices, and review resources that are available from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. This podcast is written and hosted by Carli Erickson, Crop Science Youth Education Coordinator for the Integrated Pest Management Program at Iowa State University. On this page you will find links to resources that are mentioned in the podcasts. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Carli Erickson at carli@iastate.edu.

"Welcome to Class" Podcast is available on most podcast platforms.


Podcast #1 Get the Ball Rolling 

This Podcast series is for Agriculture Education professionals who are looking to bring new ideas, and hot topics of agriculture into their classroom. 


Podcast #2 Are Your Classes Relatable

In this episode Carli talks about the integration of CDE's in the classroom as an enhancement to the current unit being taught. She also explains how different CDE's can lead a student to their SAE project.

Podcast #3 Create a Strong Community Connection

Carli explains the importance of using your resources and gaining trust in your communities. Take advantage of every person you meet because you never know when they might come in handy.

Podcast #4 Careers in the Ag Industry

It is important to share different career ideas with students to keep them thinking about the long term. In this episode Carli talks about the different options within the Ag industry. 

Podcast #5 Ag Mechanics is for Everyone

Don't fear the shop! The agriculture mechanics shop offers students a unique way to learn that they cannot get in a regular classroom. Don't be afraid to learn how to use your Ag Mech shop, you and your students will benefit in the future. 

Podcast #6 Hands On, Authentic Learning

In this episode, Carli shares her personal experience with hands on learning in the classroom. Carli also interview Lynne Campbell from Iowa State University to talk about her past and current experiences with hands on learning. 

Podcast #7 New Technology 

Technology is a tool for the toolbox. Stuart McCulloh from ScoutPro visits to talk about his experience as a business owner and how technology is paving the way for their future.

Podcast #8 Equal Opportunities for All

Students come from all different backgrounds and they all have different things to offer. Brenda Allen from Iowa State University 4H Extension and Outreach visits to share her thoughts about positive youth development.

Podcast #9 This One’s for the Seniors

Senior Year!!! Carli shares her personal experience about life after high school. The opportunities are endless in the agriculture industry. Find your passion and run with it.